Art Works Gallery

Oil paintings, soft pastels, lazure painting and other works of art by Roland F A McMorran.
Roland is an artist currently based in Herefordshire and Bristol.

Roland's art runs along different themes and is divided into these below.

Please select a theme that interests you, and view the gallery of related work.

Apparitions | Dreams | Vaticinal
These works of art and paintings by Roland McMorran arise from places stranger than simply memory, life, drawings and other[...]
Nature | Fecund | Naked
In these works, Roland McMorran explores the outdoors, nature, a place of nakedness, work, wildness that ties into itself so[...]
Market | Street | Intimate
Roland F A McMorran's paintings of street scenes, markets, the mixing bowls of life and community. Also intimate paintings of[...]
Nudes | Intimates
View here Roland McMorran's nudes, intimate paintings and soft pastels. Some cross over themes on nature and sexuality, others explore[...]
Strangeness, Shadows & Nova Monarchia
Here Roland McMorran from time to time explores darker themes. Touching more directly on shadow, difficulty, struggle and the arbitrariness[...]
On this page we see a range of simpler, exploretative art works and drawings, borne from the thoughts of the[...]