Lazure Murals & Interiors for Wellbeing

Roland McMorran is a professional Lazure Artist, and is able to fill interiors with vivid to soft morphing colours, in tone and hue to support any mood or theme of space from office, kitchen, bedroom, living spaces, professional and recreational environments and spiritual or spaces that support wellness, such as educational, religious, yoga, meditation, culinary or other, simply get in touch to discuss. If you need lazure paintings for Steiner (or Waldorf, in the USA) schools, please also get in touch.

Currently Roland is working with the Bristol Improv Theatre to Lazure some of their social areas later this year.

Lazure painting can be applied as an entirely abstract finish or can include suggestive semi figurative elements and composition, such as trees, natural themes, animals, people, landscape / cityscape, cloud, sky all of which can be discussed when working with you to plan an interior, or wall for mural painting using this technique.

The history of Lazure painting is tied into the Steiner School movement (called Waldorf Schools in the USA). The founder of this approach to education believed in reducing the sensation of hard surfaces and sharp geometry. He felt that people, and in particular young people, should be within more organic environments. Taking what are essentially 'old master' techniques of glazing transparent colours to achieve luminous and delicate hues he advocated softening wall surfaces, and 'relaxing' the hardness that can impinge on the inhabitants of every day white, cream and grey interiors.

By applying multiple layers of coloured transparent glazes, the Lazure painting technique softens and adds depth to walls, filling a room with a sense of organic nature and luminosity.

Colors can be delicate and soft, or rich and intense. They can be a limited mix of blues and greens, or oranges, magentas and hot yellows, or delicate such as grey blue hues, or the entire rainbow. Roland will carefully walk you through all the possibilities, and listen carefully to you in regard to the desired effect you wish to achieve, working together with you to plan an incredible space and sensation for your chosen environment, transforming it into a truly unique and uplifting space.

Below, you will find an example project Roland has completed. This project was to produce 12 Lazure Panels to act as light fittings and acoustic panels within a new specialist activity centre. The centre is designed specifically to give people living with a dementia in the community of Teignmouth on the south coast, as rich and fuller life as possible.

The panels were delicately lazured, so as to still reflect plenty of light and not darken the already richly colored room. With a cheerful sky and cloud themed color spectrum designed to compliment and harmonise with the stronger afternoon turquoise ceiling coloration. The huge panels make the room unique, raising the quality of the space, and encouraging a relaxed, positive, fun and creative atmosphere.

Should you be interested in having Roland design and deliver a project for you, in no matter what type of space, please do get in touch to discuss - -. 

Also, if you have a budget in mind, let me know the rough square meters of lazure mural to be completed, plus where in the world it will be located and I can easily give you an idea of the cost of the work.

The environment around us alters base level stress or relaxation derived from the way the sense of vision integrates with the mind. 
Neuro-psychology tells us that the organic random patterns found in natural landscapes, relax the brain, whereas high contrast, repeated geometric patterns, especially those in close proximity to each other or in peripheral vision can cause a constant base level of distraction, 'warning' and stress in the brain. Such effects can trigger migraines, increase the likelihood of falls, trips, bumps and increase tiredness.

Lazure mural as an art form can help bring levels of organic pattern, soft, lower contrast effects to a room, reducing sub-consious stressors and freeing up cognition, positively affecting emotion and mood through suggestive figuration, colour textures and colour transitions.

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The unique multi layered approach of art Lazure mural means that both abstract and figurative forms of the art create depth, bringing softness and organic qualities to otherwise hard, high contrast surfaces, edges, ceilings and entire spaces.

Lazure brings the effects of nature into an otherwise hard internal space. The effect does not have to be totally immersive, but it can be. I will fully discuss the design of the artwork and its influence on a space with you, and create test panels if needed, to re-assure. We will develop the mural design together to ensure the best and most positive result for you, and the people who use the space over the long term.